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Freedom Writers Foundation

They began writing anonymous journal entries about the adversities that we faced in our everyday lives. They wrote about gangs, immigration, drugs, violence, abuse, death, anorexia, dyslexia, teenage love, weight issues, divorce, suicide, and all the other issues we never had the chance to express before. They discovered that writing is a powerful form of self-expression that could help us deal with our past and move forward. Room 203 was like Anne’s attic or Zlata’s basement, it was their safe haven, where they could cry, laugh, and share their stories without being judged.


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They decided to call themselves the Freedom Writers after learning about the Freedom Riders who fought against segregation during the Civil Rights Movement. When they began writing these entries as a simple English assignment, they had no idea that they would one day be collected and published in a book, The Freedom Writers Diary.

Since their graduation, they have kept our promise of trying to change education. They continue to share their story and mentor students and teachers.



Mission Statement

“OUR MISSION is to empower educators and students to positively impact their own lives and the world around them.”

What They Do

  • Train educators to teach every student through challenging, relevant, and project-driven activities
  • Award scholarships to first-generation high school graduates
  • Develop challenging, high-interest curriculum
  • Lead empowering training seminars, student assemblies, classroom discussions, and professional development in-services through our Freedom Writers Outreach program


  • Highly effective educators who love their jobs
  • Empowered students who graduate prepared for college and career
  • Classroom culture of tolerance and inclusion
  • Reduced dropout rates
  • Reduced instances of bullying

Outreach Program

Through the Freedom Writers Outreach program, we lead empowering live events and video chats for students, school faculty, education professionals, university students and staff, corporate events, and leadership conferences.

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Freedom Writers Institute

The Freedom Writers Institute is a training program for educators at all levels, professionals who work with adolescents, and professionals in leadership roles.

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